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Safer Makeup and Skin Care



26 Seconds Is All It Takes For Chemicals In Your Personal Care Products To Enter Your Bloodstream

Are your beauty products enhancing your health and wellness goals or are they hindering your progress?

I want to reduce the toxic load that my body processes as I age gracefully

I eat well organic and local when possible, sleep, exercise Iyengar Yoga and CrossFit, limit my exposure to endotoxins and exotoxins, and biannually do a biodetox.  My skin care products were negatively impacting my health and increasing my toxic burden.  What I select to apply to my skin is something I can control.  It was time to reconsider what I was purchasing and ultimately absorbing into my bloodstream and body.

Slowly I transitioned to botanical products that worked

Starting with mineral makeup lines, sulfate free shampoos, stopped coloring my hair, I absolutely love my natural hair color, and coconut oil became my body moisturizer of choice.  Next I replaced my dermatologist recommended cleansers and moisturizers with chemical free skin care lines.  I discovered Beautycounter when I was seeking replacements for my old make-up blush, eye shadow, eye-liner, concealer, and mascara.  Beautycounter’s first lengthening mascara was released in May.  At last, I found a mascara I can luv.  Eye cream is another product I cannot live without.  I am now able to comb my wet hair after shampooing without the need for conditioner.

Spread the word to others

Share what you have learned with your family and friends, include the children and males you cherish too.  Perhaps sunscreen is the product they will select first.  As a nutritionist, how can I recommend to people what foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes they need to embrace without having a conversation around what they are putting on their skin.

You may wish to start small like me.  Or toss out all your products which contain marginal ingredients and replace with new safe offerings from Beautycounter.  Either way it is risk free, since Beautycounter offers a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Each Day You Choose What To Put On Your Skin

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