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Open Book Farm Recipes

Veggie stills-062I discovered a treasure of new recipes on Open Book Farm’s website. Thrilled to add more to my collection and just in time for weekend Farmers’ Market shopping. The whole food ingredients are simple, nothing elaborate as you would see in Food & Wine, Bon Appetite or Saveur magazines. No need to run to the store with an elaborate list of hard to find items. Depending on which recipe you choose all you really need are broccoli, cabbage, beets, arugula, carrots, bok choy, or Brussels sprouts. Cruciferous vegetables, root vegetables and greens are nutrient dense and anti-inflammatory. A diet rich in plants cools the fire of inflammation and promotes healing and nourishment.

I have not decided which recipes I want to prepare first. Will it be Ricotta and Pine Nut Salad, Tahini Teriyaki Beets or Broccoli Dipped in Wonderful Peanut Sauce (I’ll modify to cashew or almond sauce)? The Secret Chocolate Cake has a special ingredient. You can disclose or not when you serve the cake. Let your guests guess.

These recipes are favorites of Mary Kathryn (MK) & Andrew Barnet, owners and farmers at Open Book Farm. MK is a fabulous cook. I had the pleasure of enjoying pulled pork and roasted German Butter Ball potatoes she prepared for the 2015 first annual potato harvest pot luck. It was an enjoyable evening shared by all. Starting with digging potatoes from the rich soil followed by a delicious meal.

The Barnet’s would be thrilled to meet you at their farm tour and store on Saturday, July 23rd.

Please circle-back to me and let me know what recipes you will be adding to your menu rotation. Seek out a local farmers market or produce stand. Take advantage of the wonderful area where we live with access to small family farms. Farmers are passionate of their product grown with love and hard labor. Embrace nature’s bounty and a farmer. Remember the bumper sticker – No Farms No Food!

I’m here to provide to you cooking classes or knife skill refinements. Contact me if you wish to schedule a lesson.

On July 25, 2015, I posted a blog Pastured Is Better Then Organic – Open Book Farm on my initial visit to their farm in Middletown, Maryland.

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