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Grocery Store Tours

Should I start eating gluten-free bread? Are cage-free eggs better than conventional ones? What’s all this talk about coconut oil? And is it possible for a family to eat healthy on a budget? (the answer: yes!) Don’t worry – let’s visit the store together and food shopping will become a breeze. You may even come to enjoy it. Cost: $75

I’ll show you how to do things like

  • Make informed packaged food choices by learning how to actually read and interpret nutrition facts labels and ingredients lists;
  • Sharpen your cooking skills faster than ever, save hundreds of dollars a year, and maybe even lose those stubborn last 10lbs., all just by planning you/your family’s meals every week;
  • How to shop on a budget and find great deals on more expensive items like meats, fish and fresh produce.

I’ll also give you plenty of resources after our shopping trip to keep grocery shopping as stress free as possible for you. You’ll get materials like customized grocery shopping and pantry essentials lists, weekly meal planning worksheets, lists of food ingredients to avoid, and my strategies for using online retailers, local farmers’ markets and co-opts to make shopping easier and healthier, too.

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