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Why You Need to Pick Blueberries Now!

Picking Blueberries at Glade-Link Farms

Go now! Pack up the kids. Go with your sweetie. Invite your parents and grandparents. Your friends and neighbors will want to join you. Going alone is acceptable too. The only thing you need to bring along is a container to put them in. Read more…

Making Beet Kraut at the Sweet Farm

Sweet Farm Kraut

It is raw. It is alive. It is crunchy. It is tasty. Fermented foods will alter what bacteria grows in your gut. Our gut microbiome is either contributing to our health or dysbiosis is promoting disease. The aim is diversity and to increase the colonization of good strains such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium and reduce […] Read more…

My Visit to the Weiss Family Farm

MaryJane Bembenek visits the Weiss Farm in Middletown, Md.

Last week I visited the farm of Dave and Nancy Weiss up in Middletown, Md. Since 2005 the Weiss Farm has sold beautifully fresh seasonal and hard-to-find vegetables, lush leafy greens and herb plants at the West Frederick Farmers’ Market. So when they invited me to come help them with planting on the farm, of […] Read more…