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The Endless Quest for the Best Gluten Free Bread

gluten free bread

I will always desire bread over cake and travel out of my way to purchase gluten free bread. I no longer buy the frozen products sold in grocery stores. The ingredient list is not whole food based, not nutrient dense, and contains additives including sugar. Unsatisfying and a quick rise followed by drop of blood glucose are not enticing. I do a great job with baking quick gluten free breads and muffins at home. Those recipes are usually sweet. I long for gluten free bread similar to wheat bread baked by a professional in an artisan bakery.

Le Pain Quotidien is located in major cities including Washington, DC. I was teased with a little taste of their gluten free loaf. On my! It was incredibly delicious. Oat, buckwheat, and corn flours are mixed with maple syrup; chia, sunflower, sesame, and flax seeds along with salt and yeast. Dense, chewy and full of flavor! Do indulge plain or with butter from grass fed cows.

Their levain wheat breads have a best rating by the Weston A. Price Foundation Shopping Guide. No gluten, soy, bran, or partially hydrogenated oils are added. Thus, a high quality bread choice prepared in the manner similar to our traditional ancestors for your family members that are not wheat and gluten sensitive.

Atwaters is a Baltimore based market. The main ingredients in their gluten free loaf are tapioca, sorghum, garbanzo bean and buckwheat flours. Yeast, xanthan gum, and salt are also added. The texture is great (no crumbles). I can cut it as thick as I want. A lovely toast for dipping into the orange yoke of my sunny side egg laid by a pastured hen.

While you are shopping you can also pick up naturally leavened wheat bread. The stone ground flour is organic and sourced from family farms. They offer spelt (Triticum spelta) bread too. Spelt is an ancient grain from 5000 BC with renewed popularity. Not hybridized by modern agriculture. It does contain gluten thus not appropriate for celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or wheat allergies.

Is gluten your friend? Or is it causing inflammation? Gluten ataxia? Digestive, joint, or cognitive distress? Would you like guidance in a gluten challenge? Jump over to my Nutrition Consultations page and schedule an appointment with me. I’m here to help guide and empower you to start your life-changing journey of eating a whole foods based diet and living a healthy life with or without gluten.

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