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Thriller Chillers Snack Balls

Thriller Chillers recipe

This is one of those recipes where you think, “wow, why don’t I make these more often.” The ingredients are staples in my pantry. Easy to make and nutrient dense. A perfect snack. Read more…

Loaded Glory Muffins

Loaded Glory Muffins

When I saw this recipe in Paleo Magazine I knew I wanted to bake these muffins. Very happy with the results! Moist with a tender crumb! I do prefer gluten free recipes that call for coconut flour. Read more…

SOPHYTOPRO – Skin Care Products Blending Science and Nature

MaryJane's baby photo

Yes, that is I in the photo. Baby skin is radiant, plump, soft, healthy, and vibrant. You just want to adore it, kiss it, touch it, and envy it before it is destroyed. Sun exposure (including tanning, and sun burns), refined diet, sugar, alcohol, lack of sleep, lack of essential fatty acids, decreased hydration, makeup, […] Read more…

NEW VIDEO: How to Make Your Own Mayo

How to make your own mayo

With summer now in full swing, I’d been thinking about making my own mayonnaise for a while. When I think of this time of year, I think of quintessential “summer food” like BLTs, potato salad, and grilled burgers. What better way to enjoy those foods than by making a mayo with wholesome ingredients? Read more…

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